This 7-minute video shows you the technical detail and painstaking direction it took to film Guitar Hero 5's Playboy ad. But you probably don't give a crap for that. It has 22 takes with teh wimmen on screen. Enjoy.

If you're here strictly for girls in lingerie cavorting with plastic instruments, that's at the four minute mark. No one's naked, so that's why I didn't tag this NSFW.

Otherwise, Playmates Karissa & Kristina Shannon give a brief interview about their love of Guitar Hero, as does Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

"The game is very popular, it's youth oriented. It's a good Playboy connection," says Hef.

Guitar Hero 5: Behind the Scenes of Playboy Playmates' Risky Business Video @ The Playboy Mansion [YouTube user elmundotech]

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