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The Latest Celebrity Golfer in Tiger Woods PGA Tour is Satan, Apparently

Illustration for article titled The Latest Celebrity Golfer in emTiger Woods PGA Tour/em is Satan, Apparently

This image went out earlier in the week from the official Twitter feed for EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour series. "Night golf" is among a slew of features arriving in this year's edition (along with an LPGA Tour mode, throwback equipment, and historic course layouts). Who better to advertise that than the Prince of Darkness?


"Any ideas who the new 'scratch' golfer is?" said the accompanying message. Well, when you're looking at two hooves, and put "scratch" in quotes, my guess is it's the Devil hisself. "Easter egg of sorts," was the reply when I asked an EA Sports rep what was going on here.

For those wondering, I seriously doubt Old Scratch will be able to play at Augusta National. When EA Sports was in discussions with the famously conservative institution, "Their concerns were more like, a golfer wears a bunny suit when you play Augusta National," Craig Evans, the game's marketing director, told Kotaku last year. "They were concerned more with things like fanciful gear in our customization options. When it came to who was playing—our created players, be they female or male—they just wanted them to be dressed professionally."


Indeed, I can't even put a female golfer in the short-shorts option and go play Augusta. She's switched into slacks automatically. So I doubt A) you can play Augusta in the dark or B) the Devil really goes down to Georgia when Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 hits shelves on March 26.

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Ahmad Mahn

Who's gonna be his caddy? And since EA has started down this road, why not bring Satan and team of demons into Madden? I'd drop cash for that.