So, MLB 2K10 releases on Tuesday, officially delivering to you this hitters-vs-pitchers battle it's been touting the past two months. Here is the final installment, complete with artist's renderings by the Rangers' Nelson Cruz.

I just got my review copy of this and have already begun working on it. Two things will work you into a deep focus: For pitchers, it's building an understanding of your pitches' movement and then how that relates to what is a 100 percent analog command. For batters, the adjusted batting eye requires you to rethink your timing in addition to spotting the visual cues that tip off pitch location and type. Now, I'm barely a day into this. Once I become more familiar with it I'll probably start playing more by feel. But it's jarring sometimes to get that deep in thought and then have to suddenly react to a ball put into play, moving runners or taking over the defense.

MLB 2K10 is out on Tuesday.

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