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The Ladies Fashion Of Fallout 3

Fashion based on Fallout 3? May sound a little dirty - and it is - but some people like it dirty.

Etsy craftster phenocryst was a range of jewellery and accessories for sale, all of them using Nuka Cola caps - the Coke of the Fallout universe - as the centrepiece.

There's necklaces and earrings for sale, each of them taking a busted-up old bottlecap and applying some other crap you might find lying around the apocalyptic wastelands of mankind's dark, despairing future.


Prices range from $6 to $18, so pierced Fallout fans (or those looking for a cheap gift for that special Fallout-loving someone in their lives), you can see more at phenocryst's store below.

Phenocryst Miniatures [Etsy, via Wonderland]

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