The Kinect Star Wars Dancing Mingame is Even More Horrifying Than I Imagined

Ignore the podracing and dueling portions of this Kinect Star Wars video and jump directly to around :50 in the video. I probably should have apologized first. Too late now.

Whatever reasons I might have had to purchase Kinect Star Wars, this negates each and every one of them. I had heard of this dancing game. I've even witnessed a slightly more acceptable version of the minigame in action. That didn't seem so bad.


This, however... I've never been so embarrassed for a pair of actors in my life. I want to gather both of them in my arms and tell them it'll be okay, but that would be a cruel and terrible lie.

If you must buy an R2-D2 styled Xbox 360, I suggest opening the package on the way out of the store and letting the game "accidentally" slip out. Accidents happen. This video is living proof.

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