After months of speculation, the map of Grand Theft Auto V finally made its way to the web, and the details on it opened up the opportunity for a little bit of speculation. SPOILERS FOR THE MAP FOLLOW!

Less than a day was more than enough time for the community to come up with some great ideas. Let's crawl through the best ones:

First, it's worth a mention how precisely people on GTAForums were able to predict the map's layout based on trailers and screenshots, weeks before the leak.


There are already a lot of comparisons with previous Grand Theft Auto titles and other open-world games, not to mention those using screenshots to judge the scale of the map.


Is that Grove Street in South Los Santos, our home from GTA San Andreas? Where is Grove Street?


Los Santos' size, properly scaled and compared to the map of GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

Someone else saw a T-Rex.


Leonardo, from TMNT fully revealed. Cannot unsee.

Six more days and we'll have our answers.

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