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Leaked Grand Theft Auto V Map Is Massive

Illustration for article titled Leaked emGrand Theft Auto V/em Map Is Massive

The internet was hard at work at trying to piece together Grand Theft Auto V's map based on snippets of information, like trailers. But now the mystery is over. The Los Santos map was leaked today thanks to a copy of a GTA V guide on Reddit, found by neoGAF user Pandemic. SPOILERS FOLLOW!


Here is the map.

Illustration for article titled Leaked emGrand Theft Auto V/em Map Is Massive

According to Rockstar, the GTA V map is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined.

Does this map look small to you? Here's a GIF made by mandarijn that illustrates how big the map really is.

(Via neoGAF, Reddit)

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Why is it an island? WHY ARE ALL THE GTA MAPS ALWAYS ISLANDS!? (except for 3) the cities they are based on are not islands in the middle of nowhere! I know what you're thinking, "but then how will they keep the players from flying out of the map?" Just have jets/SAMs shoot them down! They can have all the cops come down on you instantly if you try to go to a part of the map you're not allowed to, but making your plane/chopper explode if you go out of bounds is too unrealistic? come on!

In all honesty, though, I'm just nit-picking, but this fact about the GTA series has always bugged the crap out of me.

EDIT: or at the very least, add some mountains or distant land to the skybox, just so that it at least looks like there is more to the world out there than just the island the game takes place in.