Gudetama Tap is a very cute waste of time. As a Gudetama enthusiast, I can appreciate that.

Gudetama is a Sanrio character that is a sleepy, lazy egg, and I find him extremely relatable. Gudetama Tap is a new mobile game centered around the character, where you cook eggs on a stovetop to collect different variations of Gudetamas, and then tap them to earn more points to be able to cook more eggs. There’s not much to it—you just select an egg from a cookbook, wait a while, then tap it to earn points. It’s simple, silly, and adorable.


Not much about Gudetama Tap strays from the mobile game formula. There’s multiple currencies, one you have to pay money for. You can use the premium currency to forgo the timer for cooking your eggs or buy items. In its beginning stages, the game is pretty generous with giving away this currency if you complete challenges, like cooking a certain number of Gudetamas, but I can’t imagine it will be like this forever. A unique and world changing gameplay experience this is not. However, if you think Gudetama is super cute, like I do, you should snatch this one up.

When you tap on the Gudetamas they have a chance of saying a special phrase, all of them representative of the lazy spirit of the character. Here’s one I got after cooking the Eggs Benedict Gudetama:

You also have a chance to fail in cooking your Gudetama, which will grant you a rare, sometimes gross-looking result:


There’s something nice about this slow, repetitive gameplay. The tapping and the waiting are simple, low effort activities that make me think that Gudetama would probably enjoy this game too. I foresee a lot of lazy evenings under the covers playing this game. I, too, would almost always rather go back to bed.