The Girls Aren't Real. But Neither Is the Camera.

Former Xbox 360 exclusive The Idolmaster 2 is coming to the PS3. Players get a huge amount of what was paid DLC on the Xbox 360 free of charge. It doesn't stop there.


Namco Bandai is including a "Gravure 4 You" mini-game in the limited edition PS3 version that allows players to snap photos of the virtual idols. The mode appears similar to the photo mode in Dead or Alive: Paradise or more recently Dead or Alive: Dimensions, a 3DS game that allows players to snap photos of the DoA girls.

The interface is floaty, and it's all incredibly unrealistic. You, as the cameraman, can pick from a predetermined list of directions and poses for the girls and even pick out your favorite Idolmaster tunes for the photo shoot.

I don't mind when exclusives go multiplatform—I'm actually against third party exclusives. Releasing a port with free DLC and new content doesn't exactly seem fair to fans. But who said gaming was fair? Rabid Idolmaster fans will snap this up, and don't be surprised if this doesn't end up as paid DLC for the Xbox 360 version.

The Idolmaster first debuted as an arcade game in 2005, and made the leap to the Xbox 360 in 2007.


PlayStation 3版「アイドルマスター グラビアフォーユー!第1巻」の続報公開(アイドルマスター2) [4Gamer]

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