Are Japanese Xbox 360 Fans Getting Screwed?

On October 27, The Idolmaster 2, a pop idol simulator, is being ported to the PS3. The game originally debuted on the Xbox 360 earlier this year.

Like previous Idolmaster games, there's been copious amounts of downloadable content available—for a price.


PS3 owners will be getting a big discount on that price, namely to the tune of free downloadable content being thrown in.

According to early reports, the three batches of Idolmaster 2 content (outfits, songs, accessories, etc.) will be included in the PS3 version free of charge. The total cost for that DLC on the Xbox 360 is 17,000 Microsoft Points—25,500 (US$323).

Idolmaster has hardcore fans. When DLC is released, they buy it. The game's predominately been an Xbox 360 title, and this free DLC shows just how bad they've been fleeced.


PS3版『アイドルマスター2』は360版の25500円分に相当するDLCが無料らしい [オレ的ゲーム速報]

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