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Sometimes we move homes. Sometimes we change jobs. Sometimes we leave MTV for Kotaku and leave behind some gems for our successor. And they film the leftovers.

Yes, MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick, my superb successor at the MTV Multiplayer blog, has taken a break from writing posts to raid my many-times-raided-already cabinet of games I didn't want anymore.


By the time Russ got to this cabinet, I'd cleared out what I wanted, as had about four other MTV employees. Many games even went to charity.

Russ then got to go through what was left in this stunning two-part video series. (Warning: MTV region-blocks video for those in Canada, the U.K., Japan and maybe elsewhere)


What's so bad about Starship Troopers on PC and Call of Duty 2? And lots of DDRs? I've IM'd Russ to warn him that the DK King of Swing box that intern got a hold of may not have a cartridge in it.

I can't be the only person to have left some gaming gems in my wake, right?

More of this from Russ over at my old stomping grounds, the MTV Multiplayer gaming blog he's been running quite well.


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