The Games Not Invited to Wii Sports Resort

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Wii Sports Resort's dodecathlon includes events such as skydiving, sword-fighting and ping-pong. But there were a few games that missed the final cut.


Such as? Fishing, a "water slide activity," and a game built on a type of cup-and-ball toy, producer Katsuya Eguchi told

"We considered fishing and a water slide activity before deciding on the final twelve events," Eguchi said. "As for more unconventional concepts, we created a pretty fun prototype of kendama, a traditional Japanese toy, that just didn't fit the game's theme."

Fishing I could imagine; use the Nunchuk as your reel and with the Wiimote, make a jerking motion with (snicker) your rod. I'm not sure what the watersliding game would be, but I guess it'd be like bobsledding - follow the fastest line and don't go up the walls. Kendama, the real thing looks difficult enough. I'm sure the Wiimote would adjust for that, but yeah. Looks kinda boring.

Eguchi drops a few more quotes about the game's development, and the future of video game controls, in the rest of Wired's article.

Wii Sports Resort Games That Didn't Make It []



A water slide activity? Something like the water slide minigame in DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2?

...That's more of my Mii than I want to see.