The Game That Got Me Excited About the PlayStation Move Quietly Arrives

Nearly two years ago at E3 2010, Sony showed off a game that demonstrated the true potential the PlayStation Move. Today it quietly slips onto retail shelves. Anyone excited for Sorcery?

Hell, I didn't even realize the game was coming out today until I showed up at the GameStop midnight launch for Ghost Recon and Dragon's Dogma, two games with a great deal of buzz surrounding them, far more than motion-controlled magic game.


I was the only one who purchased a copy of Sorcery last night, still riding on the potential I felt two years ago and, more recently, Totilo and Evan's hands-on video demonstration. .

Now I just have to figure out where my Move controller went. I haven't seen it in months. It has not been missed.

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What a strange world we live in. This game was once a big deal at e3, back when we heard that the Move was Sony's Wii killer, answer to Wii, motion revolution, or whatever else was said. Now no one notices as it slips by.

In any case, I'm always surprised by the way some people will disregard the Wii's Motion Plus as a failure, saying that it never saw significant support... yet it made it into far, far more hands than the Move, given the near-astronomical sales of Wii Sports Resort, added to the other great uses like Zelda and the finest Tiger Woods controls to date.

Sure, it's only a few games that really made great use of it, but those managed at the very least to give us one of the greatest party / family packages (Wii Sports Resort) and to create a fully-realized single player experience (Zelda) that showed the full capabilities of the hardware applied to a traditional game genre. After all this time... the Move still hasn't seen a single hit on that level.