Why Sony's Sorcery Moved Us

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Shown exclusively during the Sony E3 2010 press conference, SCEA's Sorcery made enough of an impression on us to score a Best of E3 nomination for Best New Game. How'd that happen?

Your PlayStation Move controller is a magic wand.

Okay, you might need a more in-depth explanation.

Your PlayStation Move is a freaking sweet magic wand.

Sorcery, developed by The Workshop, places you in the shoes of a young sorcerer's apprentice. The Nightmare Queen has broken her pact with the humans and threatens to plunge the land into eternal darkness, which the humans really should have seen coming. Forging a pact with someone called the Nightmare Queen always ends in tears.


Anyway, your young apprentice takes up a magic wand and sets off into the Faerie Kingdoms to set things right.

The story is pretty generic, but the action isn't.

With so many Move titles seeming like prettier copies of Wii games, Sorcery is our first look at something fun and innovative that takes full advantage of the PlayStation Move's capabilities. The Move acts as your wand, the characters arm movements following yours precisely.

You've got an arsenal of twelve upgradeable spells at your disposal, but the real fun comes when you start mixing them together. During the press conference demonstration, the producer for the game drew a line to cast a Wall of Fire spell. Then a spiral motion brought forth a whirlwind. Sending the whirlwind through the fire resulted in a spinning firestorm that completely decimated the poor, innocent goblins advancing on the main character, doubtlessly looking for hugs.


The game also contains alchemy, with the Move globe changing color to indicate potions are ready to drink.

It seems like the sort of simple little game that should have been produced on the Wii years ago, but hasn't been. It's the kind of game that proves that while the Move technology is somewhat similar to the Wii remote, there is still plenty of ground that Wii developers have yet to cover.


Plus, your PlayStation Move is a totally kick-ass wand.

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I believe they had a RTS like this on the DS, but I forgot the name. I remember it being really clanky, and annoying, but a decent title. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and can give a name? You cast spells by writing glyphs on the touch screen.