OK, and after this, I promise no more bashing on Nintendo's press conference. But I used to work in internal PR for a very large software company (that may or may not have produced products that rhyme with Shmorton Shminternet Shmecurity) and we'd go to RSA, host our own user conference, all that stuff. What I mean to say is that I've seen some eye-rolling moments in keynotes, when top executives try to get hip. But I've never seen anything close to this.

The -Minus World sums it all up with the five most embarrassing moments. Yes, No. 1 is DJ Ravi flailing away like a toddler batting at a mobile. But the other four are alternately hilarious/pathetic too, and I think any one of them, by themselves, would have made it a trainwreck.


Anyway, enjoy. See you back here tomorrow.

The 5 Most Embarrassing Moments of Nintendo's E3 Conference [The -Minus World, and pic]

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