Yesterday Sony revealed the Questing system for the PlayStation Rewards program, which will give PlayStation 3 owners fun ways to upgrade their status in the program's eyes. We've got the first nine quests right here.

The PlayStation Rewards program isn't only about earning free avatars, themes, and PlayStation Home items. It's about proving your loyalty to the brand, and that goes beyond simply playing games. No, in order to be a true PlayStation rewards member and achieve the coveted legendary status, you're going to have to go on quests.


Which quests? These quests right here. Reader Chris Ketchum sends along a list of the first nine quests to hit the beta for Sony's PlayStation 3 loyalty program, and as you can plainly see, excitement awaits us when the program goes live in April.

1. Speak Your Mind
Review 5 Games On Playstation.Com

2. Move It
Play any eligible PlayStation Move game.

3. Movie Maniac
Rent or buy a movie from Playstation Store.

4.Share the Play
Place your portable ID on 5 websites.

5. Check Your Pulse
Download PULSE in HD on your PS3 system.

6. Demo Down
Download and play 5 game demos from PlayStation Store.

7. Click It
Learn more by clicking through in 5 different emails from PlayStation.


8. No Place Like Home
Go to PlayStation Home and visit the Central Plaza.

9. Read It and Reap
Read 10 emails from PlayStation.

I'm sensing some balance issues here. There's a quest for clicking on five emails, and another for reading ten? And how does renting one movie make you a Movie Maniac?


It's still beta, so I expect there will be some balancing before release. Let's help by suggesting some more potential quests for PlayStation 3 owners!

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