We've never been here before, but it sure feels like we have. It's hard to watch the first five minutes of Axiom Verge and not feel just a little bit Metroid-y.

Generally the First Five is about rushing in blind to a game I've never played (or hadn't played in a long while), but in the case of Axiom Verge, which I may have reviewed earlier today, I had a teensy little bit of foreknowledge.


Here's the game description that Sony sent out earlier this week.

This is the action-adventure you’ve been waiting decades for. After a lab accident, a scientist awakens in a mysterious, alien world. Is this a distant planet? The far future? Or a complex, virtual-reality computer simulation? Plumb the recesses of a labyrinthine world to learn its secrets and uncover your role within.

Axiom Verge arrives on North American PSN tomorrow.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so are we.


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