In the beginning gods created lizard-man and man. Then lizard-man learned magic, and things pretty much go downhill from there in Son of Nor.

A strange little PC game from stillalive studios, Son of Nor tells the story of the last bastion of humanity in a world ruled by lizard wizards, which is incredibly fun to say. Guided by an ancient race of asshole birds, the lizard wizards set about enslaving humanity. Then the asshole birds disappear and humans learn magic of their own, which causes the lizard wizards to hunt them to the brink of extinction.


All of this is just an excuse for me to type “lizard wizards” as many times as possible before pasting in the official Steam summary of this weird magic/telekinesis action adventure game.

As a Son of Nor, consecrated by the Goddess of the Night, you are all that stands between the human race and total extinction. Only one human enclave remains in the vast desert world of Noshrac, a hidden refuge called The Edge. After 400 years of peace, humanity’s ancient enemy the Sarahul appears once more, forcing you into an adventure to save your people. Armed with telekinesis and terraforming, the gifts granted by the goddess Nor, you will explore the world of Noshrac, fighting through enemy territory and uncovering long-forgotten secrets. On your journey you will discover mysterious structures created by an ancient race that are filled with puzzles and traps – and the key to mystical powers unlike any you’ve ever seen.

How about the move you?

Son of Nor is available on Steam for $19.99. Lizard wizards.

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