The First Five-ish Minutes of DC Comics Legends

DC Comics Legends allows players to form a team of the bravest heroes and boldest villains DC has to offer and then politely take turns battling enemies to the death. Sounds like fun to me!


Normally the First Five Minutes would involve showing you the first 300 seconds of a game from the moment I hit play, but Warner Bros.’ DC Comics Legends doesn’t allow a guy to reset progress once the game begins, no matter how many times he deletes it, purges his cloud data and tries to detonate his Game Center account. So here we are.

The story so far: Superman, Lex Luthor and Zatana find themselves alone against ancient homicidal robots bent of the destruction of all living things, the Manhunters (I might say Martian in the video, ignore that), only this time there’s something different about them—they’ve got some sort of Black Lantern power backing them up. A darkened Green Lantern arrives to battle the group, which proceeds to beat his bright old self back into him. Superman and Luthor are taken out of the mix because they are way too powerful for the early stages of a collectible hero/turn-based RPG hybrid, so Zatana, Green Lantern and whoever else the cards deal set off to right what’s wrong in the universe.

Gather your heroes, upgrade their abilities, enhance their items and—should all else fail—buy new once, because Black Canary sucks.

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DC Comics Legends should be available on the App Store in North America for free at midnight. An Android version should show up some time in the future.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so are we, and we mean it. No exceptions at all. That means you, Fahey.


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The Don Onez

I wish DC would do a version of Marvel’s Puzzle Quest.