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The First Console Game With Facebook Publishing

Illustration for article titled The First Console Game With Facebook Publishing

Closet Buzz!: Quiz World fans will be outing themselves all over Facebook this week, as a patch makes the PlayStation 3 trivia game the first console title with true in-game Facebook publishing.


While we've seen several console games utilizing Twitter to keep friends up-to-date with player progress, none have allowed players to publish updates directly to popular social networking website Facebook, until now.


A patch for Relentless Software's Buzz! Quiz World going live today will use the PlayStation 3's Facebook connectivity to allow players to post updates about multiplayer matches they've won and personal achievements. Players can use the functionality up to five times per day, which means that while your Buzz!-playing friends will be insufferable this week, they won't be completely insufferable.

And thus opens the flood gates. Before long we'll be able to post our entire gaming habit on Facebook, regardless of whether or not our friends care. Technology is a beautiful thing.

A Facebook First For Buzz!: Quiz World Fans [PlayStation Blog Europe]

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laser beams

i've been seeing trophy announcement facebook updates on my friends pages for a while now. how is this different?