Uncharted 2 Can Tweet For You

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Highly anticipated Playstation 3 title Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will include Twitter integration when it hits stores next month, The BBPS reports.


The built in functionality will allow gamers to tell the game to update their Twitter account for a number of reasons. Listed on the site in an image were updates for when you connect to multiplayer, when a cinema file is uploaded, when a chapter is completed, when earning multiplayer money, when earning trophies and when reaching a level milestone.

The functionality is fully controlled by players, allowing them to turn it on or off and to decide which of those events they want to trigger updates.

What a great idea for fans of Twitter. More games should allow you to let friends know when you're accomplishing something in game.

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I don't know who would knowingly put this on their twitter, sounds like a great way to let your friends know you're a closet geek