The First All-Female Transformers Combiner Team Revealed

“All I want to do/is see six robots turn into/a giant woman.” Hasbro’s Fan Built Combiner poll culminates in the creation of Victorion, the most together combiner team Transformers has ever seen.

Revealed yesterday in a USA Today exclusive, Victorion is two race cars, two helicopters, a motorcycle and a rescue truck combined together into unit more cohesive than any gestalt Transformer before her. While older teams speak in small words with staggered speech patterns, the level of cooperation and trust between her six elements gives Victorion a more cohesive, intelligent personality.


The six robots’ individual names have not been revealed, though we may here more on that during this weekend’s Botcon convention in Chicago. We’ll definitely know more next month, when Victorion makes her big debut in IDW’s Combiner Hunters one-shot, starring a trio of other prominent female Transformers—Chromia, Arcee and Windblade, the latter also a character created by fans via a Hasbro poll.

As for toys, I’m guessing we’ll see a batch of repaints and slight remolds making up the massive lady once Hasbro is ready to show her off.

No doubt some of you are wondering why intelligent robots have different genders. I wouldn’t. The headache I developed even thinking about explaining it just isn’t worth it. If you really want to know, you can find out more here.


Read more about Victorion over at USA Today.

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