It goes without saying this needs a major spoiler alert, which is why I'm sticking the video on the jump. Video of the first 10 minutes of the game turned up this week on the Polish gaming site Polygamia. The dialogue is in English, subtitled in Polish. If you can't wait until Tuesday to get the game (North America) or you don't mind getting a sneak preview, hit play. I haven't watched the whole thing and won't comment on what I've seen, considering how touchy everyone gets about this. In fact, maybe that's why the gang didn't post this, if they saw it. And so here I go walking off a cliff to my own flame-roasted demise ...

Fable 2 - pierwsze 10 minut polskiej wersji

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Gameplay: The first 10 minutes Fable 2 [ Here is the original Polish version of the page]