Before Final Fantasy Type-0 was Final Fantasy Type-0, it was Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The "Agito" name lives on in a new iOS and Android Final Fantasy title.

Dubbed Final Fantasy Agito, the game features Type-0 characters like Jack (in glasses!) and Ace. There's a new character named "Miyuu Kagerohi."

The game was revealed in a Japanese magazine leak (via FF-Reunion), which Kotaku has since confirmed.


It's an role-playing game, but with "conversation events." Every once in a while, a heart appears on screen during conversation, and if you tap it right, your relationship or friendship strengthens.


Unlike Type-0, this is free-to-play title. There are micro-transactions for in-game items, which will probably be attractive to players as the game allows you to create your own character.

Earlier this year, a trademark popped up for "Final Fantasy Agito." Looks like this is what that referred to.


FFアギト:「ファイナルファンタジー・アギト」iOS・Android向けに発売![FF Reunion]

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