1UP is a husk. EGM is dead. Sad news, especially for subscribers, especially for those anticipating what would have been the magazine's 20th anniversary issue. But hey, chin up, here's your silver lining.

Former EIC James Mielke has posted the cover of the ill-fated February 2009 issue of the magazine, an issue that should have been a celebration, but instead won't ever rattle a subscriber's mailbox, won't ever be seen on a store shelf.

It will at least be seen, however. Mielke writes that the magazine's final "issue" will be made available on 1UP.com, print ads and all, for everyone to read. Won't fill that void of "what can I read on the can?", but can at least give you some closure.

The Last Day of EGM, The Secret Lost Final Issue of EGM [1UP]