Ordinarily I scoff at the age-gate trailer, but here, I think it supplies a useful warning and a chance to say THERE IS VIDEO OF AN EYEBALL BEING CUT OPEN at the beginning. So look away for the first 16 seconds if you don't want to see that.


The rest of the video is quite fascinating. Directed and narrated by Rob Spence, the "Eyeborg," he explores real-life cyborgs and body augmentation, the theme of Deus Ex: Human Revolution of course. One guy has a prosthetic eye that transmits visual information to his optic nerve, so it restores his vision, and also supplies "Terminator vision," with a HUD and extra information. Another guy swaps prosthetic hands for a variety of useful purposes and, of course, there's a guy with carbon fiber "blades" for legs, which means he may run quite fast.

The video runs about 12 minutes. Again, take our warning if you're squeamish: EYEBALL BEING CUT, 12 SECONDS IN.

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