In a game about collecting guns and armor (and shooting aliens), everything you put on your character should make you look cooler, right? To test that theory, I took 54 screenshots of my Destiny character over the past month, as she leveled up.

I got the idea shortly before the September release of Destiny’s big Taken King expansion and was lucky enough to have a few pre-expansion screenshots, but most of what you’ll see below are shots taken from the moment Destiny updated to its year two interface and got its big add-on.

I took a screenshot of my character every time I flew her back to one of the game’s hub areas and added new gear and guns.

You’ll see that her light level—the yellow number that indicates the character’s power level—almost always go up, as it should.

I’ll leave it to you to decide, however, if my character keeps looking cooler.

Enjoy this fashion journey:

At this point, Destiny’s 2.0 patch hit, changing the interface. I started taking shots with my character’s helmet off:

I realized this would be cooler if you could see the helmets changing, so I made headgear visible again:

The final three screenshots show my character shortly after I completed the Taken King’s new raid, essentially the endgame of the story.

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