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The Evil Within Turned into a Two-Hour Horror Flick

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Short on time, but interested in The Evil Within? Gamebill Studio is here to help.


Like Gamebill's other projects, The Evil Within: The Movie comes with a few improvements to help the game's transition to moviehood. In the words of editor Nabil Ayari, these are:

I captured the game in 60 frames per second thanks to the debug mod in the PC version,

I removed all of the HUD,

I've added new camera views,

I edited some cutscenes,

I've added a lot of sound effects and some new music inspired by the first Resident Evil to pay tribute to Mikami Shinji and some music composed by 2 of my friends,

and a lot of stuff...

It makes for a pretty good movie. Take a look if you have, well, two hours to spare:

The Evil Within The Movie [Gamebillstudio@YouTube]

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