Beyond: Two Souls Works Well As A 4.5-Hour Ellen Page Movie

The Ellen Page-starring movie/game hybrid Beyond: Two Souls was often as much fun to watch as it was to play. And now, thanks to Gamebillstudio, you can go ahead and watch the whole thing, even if you don't own a PS3.

They've distilled the essence of the game's story into a two-part, 4.5-hour movie. The first part is above, and you can watch part two here:

They've also made a version that places the events of the game in chronological order, if you'd like to have a better sense of Jodie's life than even she does.


Part one:

And part two:

I'd maintain that on the whole, Beyond is still better played than just watched, not so much for the overblown, silly story but to experience the small, mundane interactive bits that can be so interesting and enjoyable. But if you don't want to take the time and are curious about the story, this is a pretty good alternative.

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First off, I played this game and I personally loved it. One of my favorite stories in a game this year. That being said I have a question for anyone reading/viewing this particular article.

Do you feel watching this is promoting/actually a form of piracy/stealing? Similarly to how game's narratives like TLoU have been dissected into a movie, is this essentially thievery? The whole focus of this game is the movie-like quality the story has, yet here it is in several forms with different endings put up for free.

I'm torn myself. Logistically this is like any other LP out there, just with the fluff taken out. On the other hand considering how narrative heavy this is, I would personally feel a sense of guilt watching these if I hadn't already bought the game. A good example would be The Walking Dead, which from all accounts has one of the most compelling stories in a game ever created. I haven't played it (put your pitchforks away please) but I also refuse to watch the cut/pasta jobs done on youtube that cuts out the minimal gameplay elements and just shows a branching story.