The End is like no other educational game you've played before. Commissioned by Channel 4 Education and produced by Preloaded studios, The End is a free online web-based platformer that probes into the player's philosophical and metaphysical opinions on morality and death. Combining physics-based puzzles with questions and battles with the world's Guardians, the game gives the player a deeper view at their own thoughts on important questions surrounding death. Scheduled for release this month, The End is worth keeping an eye on.


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This game could be a hit or miss, because the main question is, can this game be neutral enough to be accepted by everyone? or the maker of this game will infuse their ideology/political agenda/religion in it.

Also games like this thread a fine line of educating and enjoyable or educating but patronizing.

Oh well, the game is out soon and it is free, people can try it and give their opinions about it.