The Dragon Age Secret That Took Months To Find

Up until very recently, there was something hidden in Dragon Age: Inquisition that nobody knew about. That is, until an alleged Bioware developer leaked part of the secret to some players.

As ProjectFalconPunch explains it, there's a secret quest that you can find in the Emerald Graves—around here, to be specific:


Near that marker, you can find this little rock formation:

Here is where things get a little silly. If you jump on those rocks about fifty times, you will be given a quest. The quest requires you to collect something called "Crystal Grace," a rare type of flower that can only be found in the Hinterlands:


Once you collect 10, you can return to the tiny cave over at the Emerald Graves. You'll gain influence, and the quest will be completed. You can see it all in action here:

According to the tipster who told us about this story, Liam Robertson of Unseen64, the alleged Bioware developer that leaked this says that after you finish the quest, a chest with very rare items spawns somewhere on the map. Nobody has found this chest yet, but I imagine it's just a matter of time before someone does.


Robertson says that he was told that this quest is a "fun little thing the developers did to see how long it would take fans to find." Pretty neat, huh? Makes you wonder what else is hidden away in the game—last year, Bioware developers teased that there were some additional easter eggs hidden around Skyhold that nobody had found yet, for example.


Oh, and for those of you that go looking for the elusive, secret chest: supposedly, it's near stairs of some kind. Happy hunting!

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