Dragon Age Players Weren't Supposed To Find This Creepy Easter Egg

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Typically, when you fall through the map in a game you don't expect to find anything aside from an endless void. But if you happen to fall through the map in the exact right place in Dragon Age Inquisition, you might find something a little weird.


LeeCsM found this...thing after falling through the ground in Skyhold, a location in Inquisition:

Imagine finding this for the first time, and hearing that music? It's very WTF.

Funnily enough, some BioWare devs hopped into the comments of the video, and revealed a little bit more about the tophat thing.

"I didn't think anyone was going to find this, hahaha," Jason Hill, a designer at Bioware Edmonton, wrote on the video.

"I can't believe this one was cracked in two days... Jason we need to hide these things moar better," Steve Bigras, an artist at DICE chimed in.

"I hid it under the level. You weren't meant to fall through it," Graham Kelly, an environment artist at Bioware, wrote on the video.

Here's where it gets better: in the comments, Kelly teases that he "may or may not have hidden" more of these types of things around Skyhold. And if you come across one, know this: apparently they're the flock of the "The Lord of the Pies," which is what Kelly calls the thing found in the video above.


Other easter eggs in Inquisition include some clever nods to Mass Effect, in case hidden stuff like this is your bag.

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