The Darkness Gets A Sequel, New Developer

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The Darkness was one of the unsung heroes of 2007, a perfectly capable shooter that was lost in the wake of biggershooters like BioShock, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Let's see if the sequel can do better.


Although it was first strongly hinted at during last year's Comic-Con, during this year's festivities it was confirmed by Top Cow (publishers of the comic the game is based on) that a sequel is currently in development.


That sequel won't be worked on by the game's original developers, however, with Starbreeze confirming that they've got nothing to do with it, what with them having both hands full with projects for EA (the Bourne series and a secret project). There's no word on which developer has taken over the series.

New developers, new games, whatever. We're not fussed. So long as Mike Patton's services are retained. (UPDATE: Nick at Dtoid tells us Patton hasn't been approached yet. Get on it, mystery developer!)

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Jacob Schumer

I really, really liked the story and atmosphere, but i thought a lot of the elements had infuriating issues. Why was Jackie's run speed so low? Why could I not fast travel? Etc.