The Dark Knight, as Told in TF2 Kill Alerts

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Ubercharged found a Team Fortress 2 "Kill Bar Thingy" generator last week, which allows you to generate your own in-game notices (much like Xbox 306 achievements, and error messages). It'll give you and your TF2-loving office mates a good 10 or 15 minutes of chortling. Well, then someone took it to the next level and told the entire story of The Dark Knight in these alerts (excerpt pictured). Ah, TF2 and Batman, two great tastes that go great together. You really should visit the link but, fair warning, there are spoilers here if you haven't seen this film. Is two months enough of a statute of limitations on spoilers? The Dark Knight (told in TF2 Death Signs) [Ubercharged]

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Can I still hang out with the cool kids even though I've never played Team Fortress 2 or seen "The Dark Knight", and thus have no clue as to what is going on in that picture?