The Cover E3 With Kotaku Challenge

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We're down to a dozen finalists. I've emailed each of them to warn them to come read this post. Now's here how they can win:

Since we expect you to write, and write under pressure, at E3, we're going to need a little proof that you can handle the pressure.

I'm going to provide all 12 of you with a writing assignment and you'll have until midnight tonight, that's in roughly two hours, to email me your story. Kotaku Tower will then read over your submissions and decide on a winner. We will consider writing ability, timeliness, fact checking and voice to determine the winner.

Here's the assignment:

Write a 200 to 300 word story about whether or not E3 should be open to the public. Your story can be opinion, but should include some facts and background.

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Blech. Essays. It's too close to finals to be doing essays in my free time. E3's not worth it. :(