Upcoming PS3 exclusive God of War III promises action, drama and *fingers crossed* new types of sexy mini-games.

The series has included them in the past (pictured is from the PSP version), and God of War III director Stig Asmussen reveals the team is definitely looking at home to include them in the third installment.

"The sex mini-games are a double-edged sword: we're damned if we do, we're damned if we don't," says Asmussen. "If we do include a sex mini-game and don't add anything new to it, then people will say it's getting old. If we don't include the sex mini-game, then the fans will be in an uproar."

Asmussen adds that the developers are trying to figure out a "clever way" of pushing the sex mini-game forward.


"If it works, and it plays into the experience, then we'll do it," he says. "If it doesn't work, I have no problem saying "this is turning into a gimmick" and putting those resources somewhere else."

He also says that PS3 motion control support will be added "if it feels right." The team is also looking into ways to integrate the PSN (trophies and possibly leaderboards or downloadable things), but doesn't know where it stands on Home.


And cooperative play? "God of War 3 is a solo game," says Asmussen. "That's the way the game is meant to be played."

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