The Bleach Anime Is Coming Back Next Year

In 2016, the Bleach manga ended after a 15-year-run. The original anime series had wrapped up a few years earlier in 2012, meaning that the animated series never concluded. But that will change because now it’s been announced that the Bleach anime is coming back.

The manga’s closing arc “Thousand-Year Blood War” will be adapted into an anime series starting in 2021. This is very good news for Bleach fans, giving them the animated closure they’ve long wanted. 


In the meantime, Kubo diehards can keep busy with an OVA and a serialization for the one-shot comedy manga called Burn the Witch he created in 2018. 

Below is the OVA teaser:

The Burn the Witch anime will air this fall with Studio Colorido handling animation duties. Before that, starting this summer, the Burn the Witch manga will be expanded for short-term serialization, according to the unofficial Weekly Shonen Jump Twitter.

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Christine Q.

yikes. that was not a good arc to end on.