Wonder what the most popular Amiibo in Japan is? What people are buying in Europe? Or in the United States? Nintendo released the 2015 sales rankings for the top ten Amiibos in those three regions. Let’s see how they stack up during that calendar year.



1. Inkling Girl (Splatoon)

2. Ika (Splatoon)

3. Inkling Boy (Splatoon)

4. Mario (Super Mario)

5. Mario (Classic Color)

6. Mario (Modern Color)

7. Isabelle (Winter Clothing) (Animal Crossing)

8. Kirby (Smash Bros.)

9. Mega Yarn Yoshi - Green

10. Digby (Animal Crossing)

The United States

1. Link (Smash Bros.)

2. Koopa (Smash Bros.)

3. Toon Link(Smash Bros.)

4. Mewtwo (Smash Bros.)

5. Sonic (Smash Bros.)

6. Pikachu (Smash Bros.)

7. Mario (Classic Color)

8. Pac-Man (Smash Bros.)

9. Mega Man (Smash Bros.)

10. Ganon (Smash Bros.)



1. Mario (Classic Color)

2. Link (Smash Bros.)

3. Ika (Splatoon)

4. Mega Yarn Yoshi - Green

5. Mario (Super Mario)

6. Mario (Smash Bros.)

7. Pikachu (Smash Bros.)

8. Inkling Boy (Splatoon)

9. Toad (Super Mario)

10. Inkling Girl (Splatoon)

While Nintendo didn’t provide an exact breakdown of sales figures for each, it’s fascinating to see the differences between these three regions. It gives you an insight to what the players like and what they play.


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