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I just had to reuse one of those gorgeous shots from Far Cry 3. Look how pretty that game looks. And that island. If it wasn't infested with sharks, tigers and thugs, I'd definitely want to go visit.


Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

The Best Comment From The Community

Our favorite comment of this week comes to you from OddDino:

Something I love about Link is the way the character design has been largely unchanged since the first game, meaning the fans of the franchise have come to associate that design with everything Link stands for.

Link, despite his limitations, is a surprisingly diverse character.
Each game tends to have Link expressing himself in a different way and showing slight alterations on his core traits, especially in the newer games.

In a lot of the earlier games Link had a childish dismissal of the severity of the situation he was in, with elements of the story that could be really dark and sinister not really phasing him.
Twilight Princess had a much more tortured link, giving him a lot more reasons to fight out of anger and to protect his loved ones, with a number of scenes showing people he cared about being directly put in danger.
Skyward Sword in my opinion had by far the most well characterised Link, as the story started out with him and Zelda already in the middle of a very strongly developed relationship.
The characters around would comment on Link's lifestyle and constantly point out how impressed they were by the ways he had grown during his search for Zelda.
At multiple points you come face to face with Zelda only to be separated each time, but at each of these moments the reason for the separation was different.

At first Link is denied access to Zelda because he has not matured enough to be with her again, the second time he lets her go in order to protect her, the third time he accepts that Zelda has a job more important than reuniting with him, and so he lets her go.
Each time Link's motivations change slightly, each time his purpose is to be with Zelda again, but as the game progresses he accepts more and more responsibility and realises there is more at stake than just there relationship.

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What's the thing about Link again? He had childish dismissal of danger? Not when I played. When I was 10 and played Link to the Past, Link was terrified when he took up his wounded Uncle's sword and shield. I guess in my callow youth I thought the silent protagonist thing meant I would fill in the blanks.