The Best Ke$ha-Themed Minecraft Tribute Ever Performed by an 11-Year-Old

Look, I don't really like Ke$ha either. But I totally love this video, made by 11-year-old YouTube user xNoizeBeatx, which features an ingame tribute to Minecraft sung to the beat of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok."


(Note how I did not say "sung to the tune of Ke$sha's 'Tik Tok.'")

If any of its elements had been a little bit out of whack, this could have been the most unbearable video of all time. And yet… the combination of the charming, enthusiastic lyrics, the off-key singing, and the great editing totally cracks me up.


Lyrical highlights:

Dont stop
Building things
Crafting Stuff you've never seen

Gotta Fight
Till theres no zombies in sight


I'm talking running for your life life
Skeletons shoot their arrows
Respawn in a little meadow

Lost all my things
But that's okay okay
Lets try and find my base
Lets try and find my base

So... yeah. Check it out. I certainly wasn't this cool when I was eleven.

(High-five to Llamar Llamatronix for the tip!)

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The idea that 11 year old girls that listen to Kesha play Minecraft makes me almost not want to play it anymore.