The Verizon iPhone is out, and you just might be getting one. If you are, you'll need some games. We know games, and we have recommendations.

The Best Dozen

Plants Vs. Zombies, Infinity Blade, Words With Friends and 9 others (Free - $10) There are many good iPhone games, most of them very cheap and crafted for gaming sessions that last as long as a stoplight. We pulled a list of our favorite dozen, each the best of a different style of game, from racing to karaoke to even an excellent Tomb Raider. [Check out our top 12 iPhone games]

The Confusingly Named Duo


Colorbind and Colorblind (Free-$1.99) Some nefarious iPhone game developers intentionally name their games similarly to others, just to trick you into buying the wrong one. Others do it by accident. A mistaken purchase of Colorblind led to two two fantastic iPhone games. [Read about Colorblind, then read about Colorbind.]

The Funniest One


QWOP ($1.99) Buy this one for a laugh. You're controlling an Olympic runner, or at least you're trying to. [Watch us stumble through QWOP.]

The Least iPhone-y


Dead Space ($6.99) We're still marveling that Dead Space is an iPhone game and not something running on, say, an Xbox 360. This is one amazing glimpse at the future of iPhone gaming. [See what's amazing about Dead Space on iOS]

Our Latest Obsession


Legendary Wars ($0.99) We already have some new favorites that came out in 2011. This one tops the list. [See what's great about Legendary Wars.]


Are these not the games you're looking for? You can find impressions of new downloadable games, some for iPhone, others for iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 five days a week. Just go to our Gaming App Of The Day page and scroll through our sidebar for more recommendations, warnings and video of the games in action. (And if you made a great game for those platforms, let us know.)