Legendary Wars Could Be The Next Plants Vs. Zombies

No game on the iPad or iPhone captured my attention near as much as the touch-friendly versions of PopCap's immensely popular Plants Vs. Zombies. Then came Legendary Wars.


Legendary Wars is a tower defense game in the same vein as Plants Vs. Zombies. You gather resources, build up a defending army, and do your best to maintain that army in the face of a massive undead assault.

Legendary Wars is a real-time strategy game. Build up your army and send them against the enemy base, hoping your units can overwhelm the enemy's defenses and win the day.

Legendary Wars is a Defense of the Ancient game. Control your champion is pivotal battles while waves of computer controlled allies swarm the field of battle to support you.

It's all of these games and more. It's got role-playing style leveling for your units, allowing you to increase their hit points, attack power, and defensive skills. You can use special gems to unlock epic armor for your units, or upgrade your castle into an impenetrable fortress.

There are even a few side-scrolling action sequences thrown in for good measure.

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All of these different game types come together in the epic tale of Lucas the knight, tasked with protecting Legendaria from a demonic army from the Netherworld. Along the way he'll learn new tactics, recruit new units, and spend 50 levels defending the game's five environments from evil with a massive army of elves, dwarves, wizards, and unicorns at his side.

There's an amazing amount of gameplay packed into this little $2.99 iPhone game. Liv Games may have finally toppled Plants Vs. Zombies as my go-to form of mobile entertainment.


Check it out for yourself in the iTunes App Store.



This looks a lot like Swords and Soldiers but with an isometric viewpoint.

If lines of comparison can be between Plants vs. Zombies, Swords and Soldiers and this game, consider me heavily interested.

Now, if I only had an iPhone or iPad. Hopefully this goes to Android OS in some fashion. ;_;