The Best Fan-made Halo Elite Costume You'll Ever See

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Standing at least seven feet tall and full of fancy animatronics, it's fairly safe to say this lifelike Elite costume, more detailed than any Halo cosplay we've ever seen, is elite level cosplay.


It was designed by self-taught make up and effects artist Pete Mander, who has created a Halo costume to outdo all others. (It's the fuller version of his previously featured animatronic Elite "Halloween mask.") It's totally wearable and huge, plus—as one can see in the making of video below—stuffed with attention to detail.


Mander's Covenant Elite get-up is so huge because it has built-in stilts, pictures of which you can see at Device MAG.

Mander's got plenty of experience building suits that will frighten his neighbors and small children, samples of which you should marvel at on his personal web site.

Animatronic Halo Elite Costume Will Have You Screaming "Wart, Wart, Wart!" [Device MAG via Digg]

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Koda Kazar

That REALLY puts things into perspective. No wonder so many Marines in the Halo series kept dieing. They had to fight things THAT big.

Playing as Master Chief, or any of the other 7-foot tall SPARTANS skewed the sense of scale, and didn't make the Elites all that impressive cause you were the same size. Now I see why the humans had such a problem with the Elites......