And so 2013 draws to a close. We've seen a ton of amazing cosplay in our weekly Fancy Pants feature, but what you're about to see is the very best of it.

Below are my favourite cosplay photos from 2013. Most are here because of a combination of an incredible photo and world-class outfits, but some have made it by excelling at just one of those.

FINAL FANTASY XIII: LIGHTNING RETURNS | Cosplayer: neko-tin | Photographer:Pavel Tarbaev

BIOSHOCK INFINITE | Cosplayer: ver1sa | Photographer: EnvytheOne

CASTLEVANIA | Cosplayer: Meagan Marie | Photographer: Benny Lee

SKYRIM | Cosplayer: WindoftheStars | Photographer: BGZ Studios

LORD OF THE RINGS | Cosplayer: Red Dragon Lord

FINAL FANTASY| Cosplayer: NarcissPuppet | Photographer: ONE-Photographie

METAL GEAR SOLID | Cosplayer: Rick Boer | Photographer: Cynthia Veekens

TOMB RAIDER | Cosplayer: Noémie | Photographer: MD Arts

THE LAST OF US | Cosplayer: Emma Franks | Photographer: Adrian Britton

DARKSTALKERS | Cosplayer: Lindze | Photographer: Allison Rose

BORDERLANDS 2 | Cosplayers: ThelemaTherion, Zihark-cosplay, ivettepuig, DawnArts & Nebulaluben | Photographer: Hidrico

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA | Cosplayer: Malindachan | Photographer: Joseph Chi Lin

LUIGI | Cosplayer: Nintentoys