The Beatles: Rock Band Music And DLC Detailed

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New details dropped for The Beatles: Rock Band today at Microsoft's E3 2009 press conference,a partial song list, Xbox exclusive DLC, and the first downloadable album.


The three-part harmony feature debuted as the Harmonix folks took the stage. Three vocal bars scrolled across the top of the screen as they played through "Day Tripper", just one of the songs revealed during the presentation. Other tracks include "I Am The Walrus", "Back In The USSR", "Tax Man", "Here Comes The Sun", "Octopuses Garden", "Get Back", and "I Feel Fine". "All You Need Is Love" is also coming to the game as Xbox exclusive downloadable content, with all proceeds from the song going to the Doctors Without Borders Charity.

Harmonix will also be realsing full albums as downloadable content, with Abbey Road being made available for purchase in its entirety shortly after the game launches.



Official HMX press release up: []

Final Song Count = 45.

A bit disappointed by such a low count. I was hoping they could at least get 50 or so on there. The promise of DLC is good (since it's more than we've seen for band-centric titles in the past), but it's a bit of a bitter pill.