The Arkham Origins Mobile Game, From The Makers Of Mortal Kombat

Having NetherRealm Studio make a free mobile tie-in for DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us worked out so well, Warner Bros. is having them do the same thing for Batman: Arkham Origins. Bring on the beefy Batmen!

Announced today at New York Comic-Con in Des Moines, Iowa, Batman: Arkham Origins (titled exactly the same as the console version to avoid confusion) the mobile game seems to have Batman standing on the left and kicking to the right, as well he should be. He'll move to the right through several iconic Batman locations, fighting iconic Batman villains using a variation of the swipe-based battle system from the mobile Injustice game.


And that's just fine. Mobile Injustice was actually a pretty good idea, getting players hyped for the console game, offering unlockable goodies between the two versions, and anything — game or otherwise — featuring a Batman Beyond costume is awesome enough for me to hop in during my weekend and toss up a post about it.

Batman: Arkham Origins the mobile game will hit iOS for free sometime around the console version's October 25 release date. Android gets it further into the holiday season.

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