To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Planet Buster While eating dinner tonight, Mrs. Bashcraft noticed that the standard mustard packet that comes packaged with nattou was not included. So tomorrow, she'll call the company and get them to replace the defect. This isn't a rare occasion for her! Like, it happens to her all the freaking time. Highlights of faulty products my wife has purchased since I have known her: A bag of chips filled only with air, a box of cakes with misses cakes, a box of disposable contact missing contact. And so on and so on. It's like a talent she has: The ability to look at a shelf of products and pick the one that made it past quality assurance. After finding her nattou was missing the mustard, I told her laughing, "Wow, you sure can pick 'em" to which she replied, "Yeah, I married you." Oh ho ho, BURN. What you missed last night Shane Kim Delivers Death Blow To Ensemble Tattoos: Area Man Hoping Fallout 3 WIll Be Critical Success Rock Band 2 Approves Of Breaking Street Dates Mark Hamill, You To Appear In Batman: Arkham Asylum Microsoft Confirms Ensemble Closure, Announces "New" Dev House Malaysia Is Getting PS3 Launch This Month Hideo Kojima Mentions "Massive Ad Campaigns" And "Sell-Off Tactics"