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Image: The Game Awards

The 2020 Game Awards will take place on December 10, host Geoff Keighley announced today. Unlike in years past there won’t be any live audience and the event itself will be split across studios in Tokyo, London, and LA due to the ongoing pandemic.


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Unlike in years past there won’t be any live audience

Did they have general public in those events, or was it just invitations to people in the industry and those nominated for the actual awards?

I’ve honestly never seen any of the previous ones, I just come by around here later to read about whatever trailer was shown during the show. With the exception of very few instances (like the whole thing with Kojima and Konami), I have not paid much attention to the prizes being given.

It would be interesting to get an article about how these events are perceived by people in the game developing industry. Do they care about those? Does winning something improve their standing in the work market?