To: Luke From: Owen Just caught that on reddit. It's from some Russian gadget/style blog. Take a look at what's actually on the screen. Ah, the dangers of posed photos by people who don't know what they're depicting. So I'm off to the Dave & Buster's today, and if they have Drill-o-Matic, I'm definitely gonna play a couple times as an homage to Robert Jones. Otherwise, it's an event for season-ticket holders of the San Jose Earthquakes. I'm barely literate in this game, so I doubt I'll have much to say to Darren Huckerby or Francisco Lima, other than, "Remember that time, when you got the ball, and you shot it, and it went in the goal? ... That was awesome ..." Some of what you missed when you were out Down Under: The Ballad of "Robert Jones": Arcade Tickets Were His Currency Pretty Boys: The Male Dandy in Games The Difference Between 'Female Gamers' and 'Gamer Girls' Try Hitting the Whammy Bar, My Friend On Relevant Settings in Games