That Cool 'PS4 Teaser' Is A Fake, Sony Says

Whoever made this clip wants you to believe it’s the first look at the PlayStation 4 hardware. But, Sony tells me it's a fake. Too bad.


Nevertheless, I wouldn't blame someone just wandering over onto the Internet for guessing it wasn't. Let's consider the footage, shall we? Sure, E3 is right around the corner and the super-slick 44-second video seems like it might be the work of a professional creative shop. The facial reaction shots are intercut with looks at an already-announced PS4 game—Infamous: Second Son, in case it's not clear—and hardware but the images and video in those segments are readily available all over the web. And the supposed hardware could be one of the many fan-made renders that are jostling for attention on the internet.

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Granted, this could be the work of MOFILM, the firm that Sony recently hired to handle crowd-sourced advertising. As good as it looks, it almost certainly be the work of a dedicated fan looking to capitalize on the excitement leading up to E3. And that Compact Disc logo doesn't quite pass muster after Sony told a Japanese journalist the PS4 wouldn't support that format.

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Alas, a representative from Sony's American division has confirmed to Kotaku that this isn’t an official clip, saying that it wasn't produced or released by them. We’re all going to have to wait a while longer to finally see what the PS4’s body looks like.



Hah! I was close on this one. (…)

Here's a capture of the full console taken from that video. It lasted about 1 frame in it.

Too bad its fake. I actually quite like it. Though they never said this is not the console - just not an "official clip" - maybe it was leaked and so they are playing with words. I guess I'm just hoping that was the case.